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These local herbs from Night Garden and Osamequin Farm will look good on your table or counter all weekend and give your meals a fresh and colorful pop.


Night Garden is home to over 35 species of culinary & medicinal herbs, grown with sustainable methods on Osamequin Farm. 

Osamequin Farm is a cooperative of small scale farmers using organic and low till practices on responsibly grown and harvested crops.

This salad has dill, mint, fennel flowers and fronds, borage flowers, and calendula petals tossed in with lettuce, cucumber and a simple vinaigrette.


These herbs will stay fresh in clean water and out of direct sunlight for days, and even longer in the fridge.


See images below of herbs that may be included in your herb bouquets. You are welcome to return the jars so that they may be used again.

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